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Corporate Governance creates and shares Companies’ values. It is the only non-financial aspect of a company, common to all Super-Sectors, that can be assessed with objectivity and strict quantitative metrics.

Environmental and Social are resulting factors of Governance. They cannot be objectivated but have differentiated weights and contributions among Super-Sectors. In other words, Governance is the key and leading any good ESG integration.

K1P proprietary scoring model relies on a simple observation but our complex analysis based on approximately 50 quantitative parameters and a detailed qualitative assessment of CEOs.

A company that has sound corporate governance principles, but whose stock has historically underperformed its peers and Super-Sector, should see a turnaround in its share performance. Sound and transparent corporate governance principles leading by a charismatic CEO should enable a company to fix weaknesses or at least prevent deterioration by changing its strategy and attracting supporting strategic shareholders.

Assessing the Corporate Governance at K1P encompasses many aspects such as CEOs, board members, remunerations, shareholders and strategic ones, corporate plan and strategy, culture, people and unions, stakeholder management, best practices, and peers. We use companies’ annual reports, big data, interviews with management, CEOs, board members and strategic partners, leading to a governance score in its Super-Sector and Market.

We are game-changers and differ in many ways from large players in the industry. We are pure Alpha Player and Corporate Governance specialists, with a fully aligned long term investment philosophy, a unique bottom-down approach based on exclusion as opposed to equity generalist, traditional stock picker or hedge fund manager focused on fundamental inclusion selection process and short-term trading.

Our company is fully and only dedicated to Alpha generation through our backgrounds, philosophy, commitment, offering, hard work and daily enjoyment to create the future of asset management.

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Assessing CEOs and Corporate Strategy Implementation

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