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This long only strategy launched in April 2013 is a key component of our bottom-down selection.

We have been developing and continuously improving quantitative filters and scoring methodologies to identify liquid and Piotroski positive underperformers by Super-Sectors and rating their Corporate Governance.

We complete our business case selections based on qualitative assessment of:

(i) strategic plan review,

(ii) CEOs and board members,

(ii) Corporate Governance trend, and

(iii) postion in the Corporate Governance cycle.


This long short strategy launched in October 2018 focused on Alpha generation.

We extract absolute rerating alpha returns by hedging the K1P Long Europe's super-sectors or proxy-sectors created by our Research.

The K1P Long Short Europe Strategy aims at generating absolute returns over the investment horizon of the underlying 3Y business cases.

The strategy can be long dividend by extracting short dividend position from hedging.

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The above is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.
Access to products and services are subject to restrictions with respect to certain individuals or countries.
The tax treatment could vary on the situation of each.
For information about K1P offer, K1P Indices and K FUNDS SICAV-RAIF, please contact us or our distributors.
All documents, prospectus, relevant KIIDs and reporting are available free of charge upon request.

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