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"The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Christophe is the Founding Partner and CEO of K1P.

As an engineer in Aeronautics and Space, skydiver, free rider, and caring father of three children, Christophe is a hard worker and out-of-the-box thinker, driven by a wish to reinvent the world for a better sustainable future.

Passionate about analytics and psychology, he likes to peel any problem or human behavior, wishing to understand the hidden, and get prepared for any upcoming or unpredictable risks.

After working in Private Equity, a Family Group and Investment Banking in France, USA, Asia, Africa, and Switzerland, he founded K1P with GenCap in 2018, to reinvent the asset management industry.

Christophe advised CEOs, Strategic Institutional and Family Investors, creating disruptive investment and hedging structures, alongside having a deep understanding of Corporate Governance cycles.

He is a graduate of ISAE-Supaéro, inspired by the concepts applied in risk analysis and Aerospace (NASA), defined as a convex response to a stressor or source of harm, leading to a positive sensitivity to increase in volatility.


"If this advanced asset management philosophy would have been existing, I would never have been founding K1P”

Philipp is a serial-entrepreneur and Founding Partner of K1P.

After founding a Private Equity buy-outs investment firm focusing on middle market turnaround companies, built from scratch to 3,000 employees, he was instrumental in Venture Capital investments in several start-up companies, leading a software firm for internet banking, merged with an €8bn listed company.

Since 2005, Philipp has been the Founding Partner of of GenCap (“General Capital Group GmbH”) focused on single largest share­holder transactions of six globally leading German companies for more than 3.3bnEUR equity notional (MDAX and DAX companies including Volkswagen, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, BASF und Lanxess), companies with an exit valuation of 10bnEUR generating 37% IRR to his investors.

Philipp brings to the team 35 years of experience in entrepreneurship, strategic development, Corporate Governance, and investment. He is visionary, fast thinker, thirsted by hard work and disruptive innovations.

He is a graduate of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule - ETH), and an MBA from INSEAD, where he is member of the Campaign Board. His leadership style is driven by enabling others towards the philosophy of the sky the limit.

German and Swiss citizen and father of seven children, Philipp combines his successful profit and non-profit lifes in a mutually beneficial synergetic methodology:​ Honorary Consul of Finland for Bavaria and Thuringia, Chairman of Origins’ Strategic Development Board of the Excellence Cluster of LMU, TUM, ESO and Max-Planck-Institutes, Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Member of the German Society Club of Rome, Co-Chairman DESERTEC Foundation, Founding Member of the Fragile World Foundation, Frm. Chairman of The Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Rhine Chapter, Member of the Campaign Board of INSEAD, Senator of the European Senate of Entrepreneurs.


“The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them” – Michelle Obama.

Lamia Rault is the Chairwoman of the Board at K1P.

Executive leader and highly effective team builder with a strong interest in business operations, Lamia is adept at efficiently distilling complicated and complex problems into easily understandable steps to achieve resolution. She is also focused on mentoring team members and empowering individuals.

Managing Director at Tag Heuer - LVMH Group, Lamia brings to K1P two decades of extensive and successful experience in M&A, Restructuring, Marketing & Communication, Sales and Corporate Governance.

She holds a Master of Science from EMLYON Business school and IMD’s executives certificates in Leadership and Digital marketing strategies. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

A proud chief executive and mum of three kids with unlimited dreams and ambition, she spends her (limited) personal time outdoors, practicing yoga and hiking. 


Etienne is an independent Board Member at K1P.

Etienne is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Forum Finance Group S.A.. He was previously the CEO of Forum Finance from 2009 to 2022, having been a Managing Partner since 2003. He joined Forum Finance in 2000, following a 20 year long career as a private banker and investment banker at Pictet & Cie, UBS and Merrill Lynch in Geneva, London and New York, respectively.


Joseph is an independent Board Member at K1P.

He is currently Managing Partner at Heller Group, a tier one fiduciary in Romandie.

He holds various mandates as Bord Member in FINMA regulated Independent Asset Managers, as well as Compliance, Risk and LBA officer.


"They did not know it was impossible, so they did it” – Mark Twain

Frédéric is a Founding Partner and deputy-CEO of K1P.

Born in Germany and after living for many years in the US and in the UK, Frédéric has worked for the past 20 years as an Equity Sales in Paris and Geneva, covering Swiss based institutions. He has opened Société Générale CIB Geneva branch in 2006.

He is graduate of Neoma Business School – Reims / London and trilingual in French, English and German.

Frédéric has both Swiss and French citizenships, is married, father of 4 kids as well as godfather of “Enfants du Mékong” association (Vietnam). During his days off, you will find him either in the Swiss mountains or sailing on Lake Geneva.


"To be successful you have to put yourself in situations and places you have no right being in” – Stephen A. Schwarzman

Johannes is a Founding Partner of K1P.

Johannes is also Partner at GenCap in charge of monitoring some single largest shareholder transactions, with a friendly activist approach on Public Equities in Germany and selected Private Equity projects, for total investments advised of more than 3.3bnEUR.

Board member of several acquisition vehicles invested in a pool of single largest shareholder transactions on German Public Equities.

Passionate about civilizations, Johannes has been around the world twice, speaks seven languages and is keen on Latinum and Graecum.

Johannes holds many diplomas at multiples universities in Germany, USA and Argentina (MBA Colorado State University, MBA and MSc University of Passau and a Master thesis about South American Electricity Markets in close cooperation with IFC offices in Washington D.C. and Rio de Janeiro).

Father of two children, he is the founder and president of AKTIF E.V ( – Poverty reduction project addressing underprivileged children with emerging market background, Knight’s Cross of Johanniterorden and Performance Insignia of the Special Forces Mountain Infantry Brigade, bat. 232.


Lisa is the Chief Risk Officer at K1P.

Lisa is a founding partner of CLARITIS S.A., a Swiss company specializing in financial compliance and risk management.

She holds a Master's degree in political science (University of Geneva), a post-graduate diploma from the Graduate Institute (Geneva) and a Continuing Education Certificate (CAS) in Compliance (University of Geneva). She worked for 15 years in risk and compliance within international banks based in Geneva, then as a risk and compliance expert with wealth managers, funds and securities firms. When the work week is over, she enjoys spending time practicing piano with her daughter.


Nabil is a Senior Advisor at K1P.

Nabil brings his deep expertise in international development, fund and asset management.

He was previously CEO of an AMF regulated asset manager in France, and fund manager of various Luxembourg and French SICAV and OPCVM.

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