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Capital One Partners SA is a Swiss Independent Asset Manager incorporated in 2018.

With more than twenty years of successful experience in friendly activist transactions and Corporate Governance, supporting CEOs and creating value, we created K1P® to offer a new asset management focused on Absolute Antifragile Alpha.

We manage long short equity strategies through a game-changer philosophy:

  1. Focus on strategic European Public Equities,

  2. Capture and protect Alpha generation,

  3. Deep understanding of European Corporate Governance cycles, connecting with CEOs and Board members,

  4. Create long term shared value with full alignment with investors.

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Client 5


Understanding underperformance and Corporate Governance cycles.

We are the sole investor with a pure quantitative screening combining 

underperforming Public Equities versus peers and understanding of Corporate Governance cycles.

Client 6


Understanding the magic combination of CEOs, Board members and strategic shareholders.

In 2013, when, we met the first CEO of one of the Blue-Chips companies we were following, alongside with his Supervisory Board, we knew we had to build our strategy on an obvious alchemy that could create and share value.

Since we made our first investment, we succeeded in onboarding several other firms...A great combination to significantly impact the industry.

Client 4


Understanding that we cannot predict the real world but need to be always protected.

We are constantly prepared for any upcoming crisis and unpredictable events.

We focus on risk management as our first routine to be systematically hedged.

Client 1


Investing in talented teams and new technologies for a sustainable future.

For a decade, we have fostered to bring together extraordinary talented people with the best of evolving technologies.

Driven by a thirst of curiosity and knowledge, the confidence to innovate, our team prepares and creates the world of tomorrow.

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