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Processing of Personal Data by K1P®

The following information gives you an overview of how K1P processes, administers and stores data as well as your data protection rights.

K1P uses your data and on the following bases:

Based on your consent

On restricted access only, you can ask to have the option to have access and receive information on our investment funds, our research and/or general financial market information. You are free to withdraw your access at any time.

Please note your withdrawal of such a consent is valid only from that time forward. Data usage prior to the withdrawal of consent is not affected.

Based on legal provisions or public interest

K1P can have legal obligations (for example, the Swiss Federal Act of 23 June 2006 on Collective Investment Schemes, the Swiss Federal Act of 10 October 1997 on Combating Money Laundering, and the Financing of Terrorism in the Financial Sector, FINMA ordinances and circulars, etc.) and the rules of the banking supervisory authorities (FINMA). The purposes of data processing include verification of identity and age, prevention of fraud and money laundering, oversight, as well as risk assessment and management at K1P.

K1P processes received data from you, including identification data (for example: your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, etc.) and data associated with other information used for such identification.

Within K1P, only the “need to know” persons will have access to your information (Compliance Officer, Risk Manager, Executive Management).

K1P processes and stores your data only for the time needed to perform our duties and/or any contractual and legal obligations (retention obligations imposed by certain laws, for example the Swiss Code of Obligations).

You have the right to request information on your personal data stored by the company, request that such data be rectified if they are incorrect, request that such data be deleted if K1P may not or have not to retain the data due to legal or regulatory obligations.

This privacy statement may be amended at any time.

Switzerland, May 2021.

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